$20.00 Federal Annual Inspections

We charge the extremely low price of 20 dollars for a Federal Annual Inspection. Also called a FHWA or DOT Inspection

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If your truck is registered in a state without a State Periodic Inspection Program, then this is for you.... Some states have their own inspection system , (like Pennsylvania ) if the truck is registered in Pa. then it gets a Pennsylvania state inspection , not a federal inspection. So if your state has its own system then that's what you use if not then it's a Federal inspection.

Resources about Federal Annual Inspections

  • Read more about FHWA 396.17
  • Full list of States with Approved Periodic Inspection Programs.

  • Bill's Truck Service is located in Delran, New Jersey. We serve the Philadelphia, PA area, and all of NJ.

    What is a Federal Inpection?

    A Federal Inspection is an annual inspection required by the federal government, if your state does not have a state periodic inspection program, then you are required to get a Federal Inspection.

    A safety inspection of the truck or trailer consisting of;

    • Steering
    • Brake System
    • Lights
    • Tires
    • Frame and Suspension
    • Load Securing
    • Mirrors and Glass
    • Oil, and Fluid Leaks
    • Safety Equipment

    This inspection must be done once a year. Some companies get this inspection more often to show that they go beyond the mininimum. We suggest getting an Annual Inspection with each oil change (pm).